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We will happily deliver our products anywhere! We have serviced clients as far as Atlanta and the East Coast. We stand proudly behind the quality of our work and would love to bring it to you regardless of location. That being said, we do have to account for the added travel. A delivery fee may be added depending on the location of your event, however, the price of the sculpture itself will not increase based on location!

Our Services

We know how important it is to be prepared for the start of your event. When you order a sculpture with us we will arrive at least one and one half hours prior to the start of your event. Once we arrive we set up a drain system for the water to melt discreetly. We also bring our own battery powered lights so that there is no need for electricity and excess cords. We will then set the ice sculpture in the drain pan we provide. It is our policy to have every sculpture set up at least one hour prior to the arrival of the first guest. This provides time for the ice to get completely clear so that it looks perfect for the arrival of each of your guests. There are three different services we offer:

  1. Standard Delivery
  2. Freezer Drop
  3. Full-Service Delivery

1) The most common service we provide is Standard Delivery. This service is usually for corporate clients. We deliver and set-up the sculpture and when the party is over the event staff dispose of the sculpture in an appropriate location.

2) Freezer drops are also for corporate clients. We offer a discounted price in exchange for allowing us to drop off your sculpture at least one day in advance of your event. Our Video page offers instructions so that clients can set up their own sculpture on the day of their event.

3) Full-Service Delivery includes set-up before the event and breakdown when the event is over. This service is most often applicable for weddings and private events.

Ice Sculpture Pricing Information

Every party has different needs, different themes, and different budgets. In fact, close to 80% of the sculptures we provide are custom made, tailored to the specific needs of each individual client. We understand how important it is to you that your event is a success and want you to know it is our desire to help you do just that. That is why we only charge for the amount of blocks used. A one block sculpture is approximately $375 (US). There is a $50 fee if you would like color in your sculpture, and depending on location, there may be a delivery fee. We can find a sculpture for any budget, so please contact us, we provide free quotes and design work!!

We use special blocks of ice!

In order to provide the best possible ice sculptures we use 100% pure ice blocks. The blocks are manufactured in special machines that circulate the water while it freezes. One machine can produce two blocks of ice every 3 and one half days. Because the water is constantly moving the ice pushes out all of the air, dirt and impurities while it freezes. This purity is what makes the ice so strong. As long as the ice is not exposed to UV rays, or high amounts of wind our sculptures will out last the life of your party. To answer any more questions you may have please visit our FAQ page.

Finished Ice Block Removed from Machine
Harvesting An Ice Block